HI Artzy students,
My name is Ethan and welcome to my Art History course for middle school students. I am so excited about this fun curriculum that I’ve built for you. We will be discussing five of my most favorite artists starting with Vincent Van Gogh. After each of the artist introductions, you will be asked to participate in a quick and fun drawing activity. Once you upload your picture, you’ll be able to view the phenomenal artwork that others have completed as well. You might think that this is some ordinary and boring class like the ones at school. No no no… This Art History class will be short 2 minute video clips followed by quick and fun activities that you can complete in less than ten minutes. This is your time to shine as an artist and learn about different types of drawings and paintings that were created many many years ago but still inspire today’s most talented artists like you. I have also set up a blog feature on my website, where I will be posting some interesting artwork that I want to share – including some of my personal artwork.  I hope you subscribe to it!  Thanks again for taking this course and I hope you have a fun and amazing time.  Let’s go.

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