Carmel (California): Art Gallery Trip

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of taking a short trip to the beautiful city of Carmel-by-the-Sea, which is known for its art galleries. Below you will find some notables art pieces that I find to be very interesting and well done. P.S: I wish I could have visited all of the art galleries during my time there, but there were just too many of them 🙂

Gallerie Amsterdam, On Dolores between 5th and 6th,

Gallery Apodaca, East side of Dolores between 5th & 6th,

Tamara G Fine Art, Ocean Avenue between Dolores & Lincoln,

Galerie Plein Aire, Dolores between 6th and Ocean,

Zantman Art Galleries, San Carlos between Ocean & 7th,

New Masters Gallery, Dolores Street between Ocean & 7th,

Classic Art Gallery, San Carlos between 5th & 6th,

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Introducing Art History

Hi Artzy students,
My name is Ethan and welcome to my Art History course for middle school students. I’m so excited about this fun curriculum that I’ve built for you. We will be discussing five of my most favorite artists starting with Vincent Van Gogh. After each of the artist introductions, you will be asked to participate in a creative and engaging activity. Once you upload your picture, you’ll be able to view the phenomenal artwork that others have completed as well. You might think that this is some ordinary and boring class like the ones at school. No no no… This Art History class will feature short two minute video clips followed by quick and exciting activities that you can complete in less than ten minutes. This is your time to shine as an artist and learn more about different types of art that were created many many years ago but still inspire today’s most talented artists like you. I’ve also set up a blog feature on my website, where I will be posting some intriguing artwork that I want to share – including some of my personal artwork.  I hope you subscribe to it!  Thanks again for taking this course and I hope you have a phenomenal time. Let’s do this!

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Artz4Kidz Mission Statement

To make art engaging, self-paced and a positive community experience for ALL middle school students regardless of learning style differences and challenges. We feel that art appreciation and participation is expressive, personal and emotional, and ought not be judged, graded or rushed, but rather supported by a caring community.

For middle school students who have short attention spans and love art, Artz4Kidz provides a hands-on mini-lesson approach to learning art. Unlike other art programs, we are self paced and allow you to publish your terrific artwork and see what others produce as well. Any art is great art at Artz4Kidz as long as you are having fun.

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Introducing our Founder Ethan Kim

Hello fellow artists,
My name is Ethan Hyunjae Kim and I am a second generation Korean American high schooler who currently lives in Palo Alto, California USA. Ever since I was young, I knew that I loved art (drawing, painting, coloring, etc.) and also that I learned differently than most students. Although I did well academically during my middle school years and my first year in high school, I struggled with attention challenges and adjusting to the way that my public school wanted me to learn and be tested, and therefore had to study harder than most of my peers. Luckily, art played a critical role in helping balance my life and ensure that I did something that I love. Looking back at my middle school days, I wished that I had more ongoing access to the arts, had it align with how I learn, and I was part of a caring community who could help me pursue by passions and achieve my personal goals. This is why I started Artz4Kidz.

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