Submitting Artworks

Why should you submit your artwork?

1. The world wants to see your artwork! Your artwork will help the world better understand visually the challenges that you experience with the hope of finding ways to better serve your needs.

2. You will be automatically entered into our contest that occurs every three months – the top three winners earn prizes and free online art lessons along with other students at [Art School of San Francisco Bay], which is where I learned to be an artist during middle and high school! The winners will be determined by our expert panel based on the artwork’s creativity, quality, and impact on others.

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What type of artwork is acceptable?

We are accepting any artworks that you have created as a child of an incarcerated parent. Artworks include but not limited to: drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures, etc.

Easy 3-step process to submit your artwork:

1. Take a picture of your artwork, and email us at a high resolution picture (.jpg, or .png), your first name and the city and state where you live.

2. Once received and reviewed by one of our team members, you will receive an email confirming your submittal or requesting additional information.

3. All approved images will be posted to our website by August 31, 2022.

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